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Dialectological Landscapes of North East England

Dr. Michael Pearce is a senior lecturer in English Studies at University of Sunderland, specialising in sociolinguistics, dialectology and corpus linguistics. The author of several books and numerous papers on the North East dialects, his website presents some intriguing research and examination of the many aspects of dialect speech in our region.

http://sociolinguistics, dialectology and corpus linguistics

Online Books

The following digitized books may be found at Google Play Books or at the Hathi Trust Digital Library

  • Northumberland Words, Vols I and II, Richard Oliver Heslop, 1892.
  • A Northumberland and Durham Word Book, Cecil Geeson, 1969.
  • A Middle English Dictionary, Francis Stratmann, 1891 and Henry Bradley, 1974.
  • A Glossary of North Country Words, John Trotter Brockett, F.S.A., 1829
  • Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, James Halliwell, 1878


Some of the following books are no longer in print but may be available from the used booksellers listed below.

  • Hetton-Le-Hole Pitmatic Talk 100 Years Ago, Rev. F.M.T.Palgrave, 1896.
  • North East Dialect: The Texts, Bill Griffiths, 2000
  • North East Dialect: Survey and Word List, Bill Griffiths, 2000
  • A Northumberland and Durham Word Book, The Living Dialect, Cecil Gleeson, 1969
  • The Mid-Northumbrian Dialect, Thomas Moody, 2007
  • Hetton-le-Hole Pitmatic Talk (Reprint), Rev. F.M.T. Palgrave

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