The following digitized books may be found at Google Play Books or at the Hathi Trust Digital Library

  • Northumberland Words, Vols I and II, Richard Oliver Heslop, 1892.
  • A Northumberland and Durham Word Book, Cecil Geeson, 1969.
  • A Middle English Dictionary, Francis Stratmann, 1891 and Henry Bradley, 1974.
  • A Glossary of North Country Words, John Trotter Brockett, F.S.A., 1829
  • Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, James Halliwell, 1878

Some of the following books are no longer be in print but may be available from the used booksellers listed below.

  • Hetton-Le-Hole Pitmatic Talk 100 Years Ago, Rev. F.M.T.Palgrave, 1896.
  • North East Dialect: The Texts, Bill Griffiths, 2000
  • North East Dialect: Survey and Word List, Bill Griffiths, 2000
  • A Northumberland and Durham Word Book, The Living Dialect, Cecil Gleeson, 1969
  • The Mid-Northumbrian Dialect, Thomas Moody, 2007
  • Hetton-le-Hole Pitmatic Talk (Reprint), Rev. F.M.T. Palgrave