Lexicon C-D


Caad.  Cold.  Derived from Old English, cald: cold.
Caller.  Fresh.  Derived from Old English, cald, cold.
Cannel weeks.  Candle wicks.
Canny.  Good, kind.
Chimley (Chumla).  Chimney.
Clag.  To stick or to cling.  From Old English claeg: clay
Clapt.  Patted
Clarts.  Mud.  
Cleed.  Clothed
Clooty hat.  A bonnet for field work.  A cloot or clout is derived from the Middle English clut, a rag or a cloth.
Cockeyed.  Squinting, crooked, set aslant, not level.
Cod.  To practice deceit, to pretend.
Corse.  Curse
Crooken.  Crooked
Crowdy.  Porridge
Cruck.  Shepherd’s crook 
Cruck’d.  Crooked
Cuddy.  A donkey, a stupid person.  From the Old English, kuddle


De (Dee).  Do
Deeth.  Death
Deid.  Dead.  From Old Norse, doya. (ref: NED/BG)
Dishclout.  Dish-cloth
Doot.  Doubt.
Dowly.  Miserable
Dowly kyevel.  Miserable lot (as in life’s lot.)
Draas.  Draws
Dorsn’t.  Dares not
Droon.  Drown.
Duin.  Done
Durts.  Dirt