Lexicon G-H


Gan (Gans, Gannin’).  Goes, walks.  From Old English, gan.
Gawn.  Gone.
Geers.  Wealth
Geet.  Great.
Getten.  Got (past-tense)
Gie’t.  Give it
Gliff.  A glimpse.  Seeing something unexpected. Possibly from Dutch, glippen. (ref: NED/BG)
Gob.  Mouth. To talk impudently. Possibly from Gaelic gob, beak. 
Gonniel (Goniel, Gonneril, Gonnerheed).  A rustic or stupid person; one easily imposed upon.


Half-nowt.  Half price.
Harn (Harrin, Harrn, Heerin).  Herring.
Havered.  Talked foolishly
Heed.  Head.  From Old English.
Hev (Hez).  Have. (Has)
Hinnie (Hinny).  An endearment, probably from honey.
Hob.  The iron pin used in the game of quoits.
Hoot (Hout).  An exclamation of disbelief.
Houghs.  The back of the knees.  A sinewy cut of meat.
Hame.  Home.  Derived from Saxon, ham.
Hord.  Heard.
Howay (Haway, Ho’way).  Come on!  
Hyem.  Home.  Derived from Old Norse, hiem.