Lexicon L-M


Larn.  Learn.
Lonnen.  Lane or a by-road
Lough.  Lake, standing pool. Derived from Gaelic, loch. (ref: NED/BG)
Loup (Lowp).  Jump. Derived from Old Norse, hlaupe. (ref:NDWB/CG)
Lowse.  Loose
Luik.  Look
Lyac’d.  Laced
Lyac’d tea.  Tea mixed with spirits
Lyet.  Late


Mair.  More
Maisters.  Masters, bosses
Marra.  Friend, companion
Maw.  My
Mawk.  Maggot
Med.  Made.
Mense.  Good manners, consideration
Mevvies.  Maybe, perhaps.
Mickle (Muckle).  Much, great.  Derived from Old English, micel, (ref: NCW/JTB)
Mony.  Many
Mooth.  Mouth or as applied to weather, damp and warm. (ref: NW/ROH)
Myek.  Make.