Lexicon Q-R-S



Reet.  Right
Ravel’t oot.  Work it out; understand 


San’get. Sandgate, a street in Newcastle
Sair. Sore
Sark. Shirt
Scran. Food
See. So
Sic.  Such
Singin’-hinnie.  Cake with currants and butter in it and baked over a fire on a girdle.
Shaff.  Nonsense; stupid talk. (ref: APW/JOH)
Shouther.  Shoulder
Skelp. A sharp slap, cause a rapid movement. In mining, to use a pick in pulling down or hewing coal. From Gaelic, sgealp, a slap.
Skeul. School.
Sneck. Door or a gate latch.
Sneck-drawn. Narrow-minded.
Soom. Swim.
Snotter-clout. Handkerchief.
Stob. A short post, a stump, a stake. The term stob is applied to persons of an obstinate, stupid character. From Old Norse; stobbe, the stump of a tree.
Strite. Straight.
Strang. Strong.
Stuil. Stool.
Sud. Should.
Suin. Soon